The Knot Kneedle™

1 Fishing Tool Can Tie 20+  Knots!

Grab the tag end and sew your fishing knot – just like a sewing needle!

This knot tying tool reduces your knot-tying time and it maintains the integrity of the tippet as it uses a soft rubber to grip the line. It is easy to use, customizable and an inexpensive way to spend more time in the water and less time spent retying knots. This tool can assist in tying the Blood Knot, Nail Knot, Uni Knot, Clinch Knot, Davy Knot, Orvis knot, Improved Clinch knot, Surgeon’s Knot, and many others. It also helps tie knots in the smallest tippet lines. It fits in any vest pocket or tackle box, taking up very little valuable space! The Knot Kneedle™️ weighs only 6g and is approximately 2.5″ long, making it the perfect tool for any avid angler.

This patent pending knot tyer is the most versatile fishing-knot tools. It significantly reduces your knot tying time! It reduces the frustrations of trying to tie knots with the even the smallest tippet and fishing lines. Get yours today!

Learn to use The Knot Kneedle™

Clinch Knot

Clinch Knot

Probably the most used knot in fishing. It is easy to learn, remember, and tie; however it is certainly not the strongest of knots, which is very important to remember when you are using 5x, 6x, or 7x tippet.

Improved Clinch Knot

Improved Clinch Knot

This is supposedly stronger than the clinch and many anglers swear by it. The Knot Kneedle™ will tie this easily and consistently! It requires one extra pass through the loop created by the tag end passing through the base loop.


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Orvis Knot (smaller and stronger)

By far my personal favorite. It is consistently stronger than the improved clinch and it is very fast and easy to tie, once learned. This is the knot that started the idea for The Knot Kneedle™. With The Knot Kneedle™ it can be tied in easily less than 15 seconds and it wastes very little tippet!

Uni Knot (ideal for dropper flies)

The uni knot is a great knot for dry/dropper rigs and the Rocky Mountain Nymph Rig (3-fly rigs) as it can be loosened and tightened on the bends of the hooks of the lead flies. If you initially picked the wrong dropper for the hatch, quickly change this one out by loosening the knot and throw on your next pre-tied dropper and start fishing!

Loop Knots!

Non-Slip Loop

This knot is ideal for those that want “movement” in their flies and streamers. The loop stays open (unlike the uni knot which cinches tight against the hook) which enables your fly to move back and forth on the loop.

Perfection Loop (Very Strong)

This is a great knot for a loop to loop connection from your leader to fly line. I also use this knot to tie a “hook holder” on my vest for holding flies while I tie the knots. You can also use it similar to the non-slip loop knot to attach flies and give them more movement!

More Knots

Palomar Knot

The Palomar Knot is very easy to tie and very strong. The only issue with this knot is on smaller flies where is is impossible to get the line through the eye of the hook twice!

Davy Knot

Similar to the Orvis Knot (one less pass through the second loop), but it is not as strong as the Orvis. It was invented as a quick knot for anglers in tournaments so they could get their lines in the water quickly.

Surgeon’s Loop

Surgeon’s Loop can be used for loop to loop connections of leader to fly line or to attach flies to tippet that you prefer more movement similar to the non-slip loop and perfection loop.

Surgeon’s Knot

Surgeon’s knot is great for adding tippet to leaders (I personally prefer tippet rings), or to add tippet of different sizes to create your own tapered leaders.

Blood Knot (2 Knot Kneedles)

This is, IMO, the hardest fly fishing knot to tie… NOT ANYMORE!!!! The Knot Kneedle™️ has made this a breeze. Watch this video, practice, and you will consistently tie this knot in under a minute. It is great for adjoining two tippet sizes together for a tapered leader or for attaching a butt section to your tapered leader. No matter the size of the tippet, The Knot kneedle™️ will help you tie this knot efficiently and effectively. Be sure you use the proper number of wraps for your size tippet and line!

Nail Knot

You can tie the Nail Knot with The Knot Kneedle™️. The Nail Knot is terrific for attaching backing to fly line and for attaching the leader to the fly line. It is a very strong knot and is less used with the welded loops on the fly line tips and the loop on most tapered leaders. However, this is a VERY important knot and will save the day if the loop on your fly line gives way!

Albright Knot


San Diego Jam Knot


Double Uni Knot

Double Uni Knot is a knot used by many anglers. I personally prefer the triple surgeons.

J Knot

J Knot, for those of you interested in learning another knot!

Braid Knot

The Braid Knot is basically a clinch knot that can be used with braided line. The standard clinch does NOT work well with braided line at all, but the Knot Kneedle™️ makes this knot a cinch!

Trilene Knot


Dropper Loop Knot

The Dropper Loop Knot is. used when fishing for carp and can also be used to attach split shot to and it prevents split shot from sliding up and down your tippet as you make your casts.

Dropper Clinch, bend of hook

Now you can tie the clinch knot on the bend of the hook without the tippet coming off the bend. The Knot Kneedle™️ keeps tension on the bend so you only have to tie ONCE!!!

Baja Knot (perfection loop w/fly)

The Baja Knot is a fast knot to tie when you want some motion in your fly. Great for streamers.


Knot Kneedle Hook/fly Holder


You can utilize The Knot Kneedle™️ as a fly holder or hook holder to thread your flies!