The Reel Cigar Lighter


The Reel Cigar Lighter

$34.95 $24.95

Flameless, fluidless, rechargeable (charging cord included)



Flameless, fluidless, eco-friendly rechargeable electric cigar lighter

Micro USB port for recharging, cord included

Also makes “fish on” unwinding reel sound with push of a button

Heating coil opening is 1.125″ diameter

Heating coil diameter is 0.563″ but will light a 64 ring gauge cigar

Black metal alloy

Patent pending

Hurricane/tornado/sharknado proof

CE certified

Tested and meets USCPSC (US Consumer Product Safety Commission) standards

Two button lighting operation for safety

Times out after 15-20 seconds as another safety feature

Additional safety feature easily disables lighter to make it child proof