The Knot Kneedle™


The Knot Kneedle™

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The Knot Kneedle™  knot tying fishing tool, can tie over 20+ knots!



1 Fishing Tool Can Tie 20+  Knots!

Grab the tag end and sew your fishing knot – just like a sewing needle!

This knot tyer reduces knot-tying time and it maintains the integrity of the tippet as it uses a soft rubber gripper to grip the line. It is easy to use, customizable & an inexpensive way to spend more time in the water and less time dealing with nasty knots. This tool can assist in tying the Blood Knot, Nail Knot, Uni Knot, Clinch Knot, Davy Knot, Orvis knot, Improved Clinch knot, Surgeon’s Knot, and many others. It also helps tie knots in the smallest tippet lines and can fit in any vest pocket or tackle box taking up very little valuable space! The Knot Kneedle™️ weighs only 6g and is approximately 2.5″ long, making it the perfect tool for any avid angler.

This patent pending knot tyer is the most versatile fishing-knot tools. It significantly reduces your knot tying time! It reduces the frustrations of trying to tie knots with the even the smallest tippet and fishing lines. Get yours today!

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Clinch Knot

Orvis Knot (smaller and stronger)

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