Flyweight Fishing Vest


Flyweight Fishing Vest

$35.95 $29.95

Ultra light weight = 1 lb fishing vest.



The Flyweight fishing vest is a lightweight fly fishing vest designed for the avid fisherman looking to carry essential gear in a free-form vest. The problem with most vests is they can be too hot to wear, especially on the back. That’s not the case with these vests as there is virtually nothing there so your back will not get hot and sweaty. It weighs a whopping 1 pound! This vest gives you the ability to cast with ease and still carry enough gear for all-day fishing.


Padded neck and shoulder pad.

7 total D rings, where you need them. Includes a net ring. These are actual, thin, metal rings. Not the thick plastic type. Four in front, three in back including a floater D ring you can put on any strap.

Includes removable beverage holder with drawstring. Designed for an 8 ounce plastic bottle but holders larger sized containers.

10 total pockets for plenty of accessories.

One size fits most, adjustable.

Velcro strap rod holder.

Rides higher than a fanny pack for a little more wading depth.

1 lb, 7 D rings, 10 pockets, it’s ideal!